It’s 2016 and best way to listen to music is a video sharing site.

I don’t believe in paid services on internet because for me the internet is next step in communication evolution. And when you consider telegram, fax, phone and tv, the subscription is simple: You pay for telegram, the rest is free. You can write whatever you want, it’s up to you. Pay for phone, talk about anything, sing a song, stream a concert over the phone. The phone company doesn’t care what sound you send or receive as long as you pay for the call. Tv is the same, subscribe to a package, then the rest is free inside. And internet is next step in this context.

The deal is, pay for internets and do whatever you want on it, that’s how it began. And that’s why we loved it.

Now i’m not going to talk about all the details of history but the result.

Today, when i want to listen to music, the best option is Youtube. Because it’s not disturbing sound with voice ads like spotify or other streaming services does. Maybe regular youtube has ads in between videos but i use adblock, so i don’t know about it. But youtube’s downside is it’s also streaming the video, and spending extra bandwidth unnecessarily.

I find it really stupid, having youtube as best option to listen to music in year 2016.


Music is disturbed with ads In other services, or there is no all the songs available if there is no ad, like soundcloud.


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