Google’s silent censorship for .tr domain

1212               Google silently started to censor maps satellite imagery for turkish users starting from 09/29/2015. There is no official statement from google since then. Google is not responding to thousands of error reports from turkish users.
Yandex, apple, bing and all other maps satellite imagery is not censored so it’s definitely not a request from Turkish government.
Google didn’t mention this censorship in its transparency report either.
Google earth ios app is also removed from Turkish Apple Store.
This is not a problem on browsers because it’s easy to remove .tr and move on but it’s not possible to remove .tr from ios&android apps. Rendering these apps unusable for turkish users.
The strangest thing is, there is no way to contact with an actual person working in Google and ask what’s going on.
So, google, why you’re censoring satellite imagery for turkish users?

403 Forbidden with zoom level >15 images.