How Trip Advisor doomed to die.

I occasionaly check places data on google maps, foursquare and facebook places, wikimapia and osm. I sometimes fix wrong information or add missing data to places i know on these platforms.

Recently, i was checking hotels on Tripadvisor and noticed that they have way too much information to be fixed or added and wanted to help them, but i didn’t know it was too hard at the beginning. I was just expecting something similar to platforms i’ve been familiar.

Tripadvisor providing a way to update places listed similar to other platforms but very strict. And they’re separating hotels & places strictly and updating information for hotels way to hard.

To update hotel information, they’re not shutting down doors to visitors but making their life very hard if they decide to help them.

First, there is no “Update Information” link for hotels on their site, you have to dig deep to find a way to do that. After some search, i found their link to update business information. And nicely explained what they needed to update.


They have an actual team to process business information updates for hotels and real people are responding via email if they need more information.

It was rather easy to fix some of the hotels information appeared in wrong districts, they responded fast&kind and fixed those. But i am stuck with one hotel listed as Specialty Lodging. Tripadvisor resisted all my attempts and didn’t fix that information no matter what i tried.

The hotel has 250 rooms, they provide everything expected from a 5 star hotel but unfortunately they’re a “spam business” That’s what i call companies only focused on maximum savings and minimum expense. Because of they’re a spam hotel, they don’t have IT department, they don’t have a guest relations team and, they have a management team doesn’t even know what internet or social media is. Their website is poorly designed just to have a website, and not updated even once since the hotel is founded 6 years ago.

So i naively alerted tripadvisor to just fix listing of hotel. The hotel is listed as “Specialty Lodging” but should be listed as hotel among other hotels, so a traveler can list hotels in a district and compare them. Currently you can’t see this hotel in among other hotels because it’s categorized as a small pension or motel and you can only see that hotel if you’re checking budget lodgings.

One guy from Tripadvisor support team replied my email and said,

“Hotel should meet minimum requirements listed below to be categorized as hotel;

  • A 24-hour front desk
  • Daily housekeeping included in the room rate
  • Private bathroom for each unit
  • If there is a minimum-stay requirement, it must be no more than 3 nights”

It looked very funny and an ancient procedure coming from 1999 to me. But i didnt give up and had a conversation with the guy. In summary, he insisted the hotel must list all these four requirements on it’s official website.

That seemed like a deadlock to me because the hotel made a website 6 years ago and didn’t write these. But then, i checked other hotels listed in tripadvisor as hotel and their official webpages.

Guess what. None of the hotels are mentioning “A 24-hour front desk” on their webpages. I tried to discuss this with the support but, eventually support remained silent.

few days later, i noticed the hotel in fact declared that they have a 24-hour front desk and Daily housekeeping included in the room rate official. And in somewhere better than their official webpage. In tripadvisor.


Apparently someone from the hotel declared this requirement sometime and made it’s way to official hotel info section of tripadvisor’s hotel page. I sent a screenshot of that to tripadvisor and requested again but no luck. tripadvisor said that the hotel management should apply for this change.

At this point the only thing i can do is calling the general manager of hotel and explain this and teach him to fix their social media appearance. Which is ridiculous.

So, the hotel listed as specialty lodging for 6 years and will be listed like that for 6 more years apparently.

Currently tripadvisor is just lucky because there is no real competitor when it comes to hotel reviews.’s reviews are more reliable because only actual travelers making reservation through can review hotels but i don’t feel like’s reviews will ever replace tripadvisor.

Tripadvisor’s luck will continue until a real competitor emerges.


There is no proper way of sharing information, the best is Twitter

What? Haven’t I heard about Wikipedia, Reddit, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Youtube…

Yes, of course i heard about and use them all. But there is really no way to share information freely.

The first problem is reaching the crowd, It’s a must, Everyone should be aware of the shared information, that’s the nature of information. Yes, almost everyone is using Facebook but how to alert everyone on it?  There is no way, even though your controversial post shared and seen by everyone, whatever it touches can easily catch you on it, you’re not anonymous at the first place, Real Name policy prevents free thought to spread over there.

Ok, Reddit, no real name policy let’s share your thought on reddit.

Write, and post your fantastic thought on a crowded subreddit, sure, everyone will see it. O.o autobots removed your post because of bla bla bla and bla. OK, no problemos, obey those rules stated in autobot message and send again, your post is little bit crippled because of the rules created by someone behind that subreddit but you can still send the message. OH, you’re doing that too much, wait 9 minutes…

What? Your post is removed again? another mistake you did? Why don’t you read those subreddit rules explaining you how to post properly, you have to train yourself to get used to way reddit works.

Now it’s quite far from your original thought but finally you made the post.

Damn… it’s downvoted to the ground because some early readers didn’t like what you said. Just like what everyone did to  Galileo. Thankfully no one kills you because of what you say.

So you have understood that,  one has to master each subreddit  rules, study human psychology to get past downvote barrier, study sociology to post at prime time and gather karma  to be able to share your thought properly.

But, that’s already what newspapers are doing, they’re writing whatever the crowd wants to read!

But you want to write something the crowd doesn’t want to read!

Even though you made your way on Reddit, your anonymity is not secure, Reddit may respond to legal requests from governments.

Hello Twitter, No real name policy and Twitter doesn’t comply with  govt. requests easily. They just comply with really extreme case requests. The only real problem with twitter is it’s like doing small talk. You can tell something but it’s hard to enrich your thought and have an archive easily browse. Also you have to get likes and retweets to be seen by crowd, nothing really different than Reddit here. You’re buried if some crowd doesn’t like what you post.

So the world needs something unifying the easy communications of IRC, commenting on things like on Reddit, Tidyness of information like Wikipedia, Anonymity of Twitter, Timeline of Facebook. And adding a feature to prevent get buried by crowds, forum technology might kick in there, the most talked subject is on top even though no one likes the idea and bashes inside.


It’s 2016 and best way to listen to music is a video sharing site.

I don’t believe in paid services on internet because for me the internet is next step in communication evolution. And when you consider telegram, fax, phone and tv, the subscription is simple: You pay for telegram, the rest is free. You can write whatever you want, it’s up to you. Pay for phone, talk about anything, sing a song, stream a concert over the phone. The phone company doesn’t care what sound you send or receive as long as you pay for the call. Tv is the same, subscribe to a package, then the rest is free inside. And internet is next step in this context.

The deal is, pay for internets and do whatever you want on it, that’s how it began. And that’s why we loved it.

Now i’m not going to talk about all the details of history but the result.

Today, when i want to listen to music, the best option is Youtube. Because it’s not disturbing sound with voice ads like spotify or other streaming services does. Maybe regular youtube has ads in between videos but i use adblock, so i don’t know about it. But youtube’s downside is it’s also streaming the video, and spending extra bandwidth unnecessarily.

I find it really stupid, having youtube as best option to listen to music in year 2016.


Music is disturbed with ads In other services, or there is no all the songs available if there is no ad, like soundcloud.